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Shower Head Power 3

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Shower Head Power 3

Includes Shower head with stones, no add on.

Showers will never be like before

 3 Shower Modes For Spa Like Shower

ECO-FRIENDLY shower head

Sometimes we receive that king of email:

This product is exceptional, but you have to learn to tame it.

As soon as the water jets start to "whip", it means that the inside of the knob needs a little cleaning, this happens more or less regularly depending on the level of limestone in your water.

You just have to open the upper part of the knob, and you will notice that the holes for the jets are very small, and some of them can get blocked.

A little cleaning with a brush and a little white vinegar and in 30 seconds you will understand the difference with a classic knob.

Sorry for this long comment, but I want to share my experience, I made this purchase a little impulsively, being afraid to regret it, but frankly it changed my daily routine, and I will not go back to a classic knob, which dries my skin and hair much more with all the limestone in the water (and my walls too).

So cleaning my shower head once every two weeks doesn't seem too restrictive if it's to better enjoy my shower, and to save me from using anti-limescale products in my bathroom that leave an unpleasant chemical smell and are bad for the environment.And the bonus, (frankly not negligible in this period): I support a good company!So no, I really don't regret my purchase, and I can only advise you to contact the seller if you have any question.